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Goal Achievement 101 - Let Go Of The Outcome

By: Marc De Bruin

One of the Knowareness Principles I like is that achieving our personal and professional goals happens way more quickly when we surrender to the outcome and let go of our need for the end result.

Several questions arise when it comes to achieving goals and taking action; the most prominent one deals with surrendering to the outcome. "Action taking" and "surrendering" seem to be contradicting one another; so how can they coexist?

Well, in my philosophy, letting go IS an action step; it is part of the goal achievement process. As much as "doing nothing" is an action step, surrendering is. It requires effort on our behalf to let go of the outcome of our goal, and to watch it unfold.

Too often, we try to force things into existence. We hammer, drill, screw, dig, and work ourselves to the bone to force future potential in the direction we want to have it head in. We take all sorts of action steps to make sure we get what we want, and to prevent us from NOT getting it. In that scenario we forget that our actions are just a minor part of the whole manifestation process; our INTENT is way more powerful!

Moreover, limited as we are in our ability to oversee ALL the possibilities (remember: Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) states that reality is our PERCEPTION of it, which is limited!), we usually THINK we know the way to what it is we want, but really, we don't!

Surrendering, letting go, allowing (all mean the same) encompasses setting our intent, taking whatever action we can to make sure we are on track, and THEN letting the process of manifestation doing its work. That doesn't mean we sit still and wait; on the contrary. We can still set action steps, but only when they are based on our enthusiasm and desire for the end result. As soon as we feel doubtful or fearful and use THAT as the reason for doing something, we are thwarting our own intention. Also, sometimes the result will come from a totally different direction than we thought it would. If we then try to redirect the course, because we think things are going "wrong", we shooting ourselves in the foot!

I'll use an example from a person I know very well. He always wanted to work with international clientele in his practice, but really didn't have a clue how to manifest that, other than setting up a website, writing articles, positioning his business, and getting as much exposure as possible. There was some international success and a handful of international clients, but that was it. The intention was still to do way more than that, and this person surrendered to any option out there to give him that extra.

To cut a very long story short, this man had been working with an internet marketer for a while already, but more on the back end. He did not have much client exposure for some time. Recently one of the business coaches on the team he was working with decided to pursue her own career, and suddenly he had about 15-20 new INTERNATIONAL clients, from all over the world...

Now did he see this as the "logical" next step to achieve his initial goal of building his practice? Of course not. It "just happened". Why? Well, my firm contention is because he let go of the HOW-question. He didn't know HOW it was going to happen, he just trusted it would, because he had done what he thought he could to MAKE it happen.

I bet you have experienced something similar before yourself: you try to achieve something, and whatever you do, it doesn't work. Ultimately, you throw your hands up in desperation and shout "ah, forget it!". Not long after, the exact desired result shows up. That's the power of letting go!

This is the Knowareness nugget I want you to take away from this example: you do not need to know the HOW's of your manifestation process, as long as you know your WHAT's and WHY's. Action is a great step, but only after you got clear about what you want and why you want it, and can then trust the manifestation process to do its work for you.

Set a Landmark:

Firstly, when setting a goal, be very clear about what it is you want. Get clarity by first finding out what you do NOT want anymore! That's a great step towards finding out what it is you DO want.

Secondly, always stay true to your intention, even when things seems to go "wrong" (whatever that is anyway... ); the universe works in mysterious ways! Stay focused, and let go of the time frame in which you think "things should've happened".

Thirdly, stay away from taking action when you don't have a good feeling about that action. If you feel like doing something because you're fearful, doubtful or impatient, it may not be the right motivator. Challenge your reasons for taking this action step. Can it wait? Have you got all the facts? Are you in "reaction-mode" rather than in "action-mode"? Is there an immediate risk that needs attending to, or is it all "in your mind"?

Lastly, be open to alternative ways that lead you to the same result. We just do not know all the roads to Rome, although all the roads do lead to Rome! Having the flexibility to change direction may lead to the same or and even better result!

Admittedly, not ALWAYS do we achieve our professional and personal goals. Sometimes there are other plans in place for us. The same Knowareness Principle applies: can you let go of your initial outcome, and redirect your course? The more flexible you are, the easier life will be perceived, which is a blessing once you start to experience it.

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