She's Not Ok With Being Single

There is a woman we ALL know or this woman might even be the one who looks at us in the mirror everyday. It's "she." She-woman, she-girl, she-girlfriend, she-bombshell, or she-babe. Whatever title she wears, she's not OK with being single.

Don't get me wrong here...I'm not talking about the woman who talks about men just because not talking about how hot they are is an indication that something's dreadfully wrong.

I'm talking about the needy, whiny, clingly, stay-at-home single woman who pouts, pouts, pouts about being single and talks, talks, talks about her biological clock. She's just not OK with her single status.

There's a difference between desiring a partner and NEEDING one. If you fall into the NEEDING category, you'll give off a needy energy to men who can wiff it from miles away. Because what you think, you will act and it will show in your energy, how you respond to men has everything to do with how you think.

One of the most difficult disciplines a woman can learn is how to not need a man. When you can develop a happy self with or without a man in your life, you'll be well on your way to having so many men begging for your attention!! The way to get men is to not need them. But it is not about having the sort of chaotic feminist attitude that screams that you have a chip on your shoulder. It is being happy, fun, and enjoying the process of knowing more about yourself and how you relate to men.

When you can get rid of "she" - the inner woman who's not OK with being single, you'll discover the world of men.