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Tales Of The Everyday Genius (Modern Ulysses)

By: Joshua Clayton

The everyday genius is a patient gardener, plodding life technician, and honest worker all in one body, mind, soul and spirit. I mean this in the best ways, and if there was no such thing as my description of the everyday genius this would not be able to exist as an article.

To live in a practical way life and existence at even the most normal levels must be juggled, adjusted to and worked with like an ancient warrior or monarch at the highest level fights and wins against monsters in a great epic story of the ancient sort, only bring it down to the working man or woman in the modern day conquering his or her life. Some win, some lose. Indeed, know this for certain though: right down to fighting the tax man for the right to keep some of your own money for yourself in the form of a "refund" it is an uphill working battle for the everyday genius of an epic sort only in a smaller way than that ancient warrior or monarch. Keep in mind that I am equating the largest unit of power of the past with the seemingly smallest and most counted unit of power of the present and future: The warrior or ruler all the way down to the everyday genius. So, unlike that warrior this is a story of everyone, seemingly simply told, until broken down into the common realities of life for everyone.

Consider this, everyone is a warrior or ruler in their own realm when looked at it that way. Simply put, it all comes down to honesty about it all if you are genuinely successful and dishonesty and evasion if you are not. So, now we get to assembly line thinking, break it down to the smallest unit if you want to get the full gist of the whole. Like a hologram contains the sum of the whole in its smallest parts. Sure, if it is too large, you do not get a clear picture, but if you look at each part and how it works, then it is clearer. In this case, the view of one concept of mine, "the everyday genius" that builds societies through jobs, work, making a living and creating values. To look at things in a far ranging way, break the present and past (in that order) down and understand the trends and then take action on the logic you come up with in the most successful as possible manner. Sure, it could be that simple, but I will take the rest of this article to disseminate the logic of being a genuine and successful "everyday genius", now that I have described the parameters of the "everyday genius" I am typing and writing about.

In logical terms, you start from A and go to B and so on, until the alphabet is complete, and then once you have the alphabet, you form basic words to describe things, and then you go on to control your environment with the understanding you gain and the action you can take on that understanding. It is the real fact of life for the ruler as well as the everyday person and changes for no one.

So, in thinking about life, once the thoughts are complete, action must be taken to consummate the cycle of action. Thought is one thing, but action is always an extension of the thoughts for ruler as well as everyday person alike. When all is said and done: logic, honesty and reality are created through rational action combined with rational thought, not just thought alone. The mind is the lever, and reality is the machinery. The rest is up to our intentions, speaking of results and intentions. Life can seem to play favorites, but it does not, it is results and intentions that say yes or no through the medium of the lever and machinery. The everyday genius or the grand ruler monarch, the rules are always the same, no matter what. If human consciousness is there, you know those rules are lived by no matter what. This is the reality of the situation that does not alter for a single person no matter what. This is the long and short distance call that goes through only when done right. This is it. This is the told tale of everyone really. This says yes or no. I know this has no evasion or "irrational romance" to it, but, this is what it comes down to. You can rebel, but you just pay more if you rebel. You can follow the rules, you can just benefit yourself if you do follow the rules, for the real romance is in the choice we have for ourselves in every genuine way. The reality that says, think, act, then generate your desired reality by the rules only. That is the real tale of the genuine everyday genius.

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