Why Women Choose Nobodies Over Well-Breds

Isn't it a wonder whenever you see women going around and hanging out with men who weren't particularly attractive, trendy, or rich? Some of these men aren't even particularly well-bred enough to follow all the rules of etiquette (for instance, they rub their noses and eat pizza with their fingers). Why do many women choose nobodies over well-breds?

The short and simple answer to this is that there are some traits in well-bred men that actually turn off women. There's something about following all the rules that women find boring, and it's probably because most men grow up trained to be the perfect gentleman. And with most men acting like carbon copies of each other, how can a woman NOT be bored?

Nobodies, on the other hand, aren't held down by the "rules." They're free to be themselves, which means they can do anything and be anyone they want to be - and that means they can be someone women can be attracted to. In other words, they're a lot more exciting and unpredictable than well-bred men, and that equates to a lot more fun for her!

So what's the reason why women choose nobodies over well-breds? Simple.

They don't choose at all.

Think about it. Attraction is an emotion. As such, it can't be held down by rules. No one can tell you what to feel, right? Same goes for her - you can't tell, show, or convince her to like you by following the rules and being like everyone else. When she's "choosing" who to be with, there's no real logical "decision" being made. She goes with whoever she's attracted to.

That's right. "Choosing" doesn't come into play. But that doesn't mean that if you're well-bred, then you have no chances of becoming the kind of man women go after. On the contrary - a few tweaks to your personality, and you can be one of the few real "catches" in society that women would be lucky to get a hold of.

The first thing you'll need to realize is that in dating, there are no "rules," nor should be. All you need to know is what women want in a man. To find out, don't listen to what they say. Instead, take note of the things you do that elicit a positive response from them. Do they like it when you make them laugh? Or when you talk about yourself in a funny way? Or do they like it when you start talking about the long-term?

Stick to what works and make it part of the real you.