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Answers For Autism - The Body Ecology Way

By: Donna Gates

Doctors and scientists are not exactly sure why children develop autism, but the statistics are frightening: roughly 1 out of every 150 children born is diagnosed with autism.

As this wave of autism reaches pandemic proportions (one in 94 boys in the US) a great deal of time and effort is being directed towards exploring the causes and the treatments in the hope of finding a "cure".

Organizations like Autism Speaks are raising millions of dollars to fund some of this research but angry parents feel that much of this money is being wasted with scientists seeking answers in the wrong places and solutions coming too slowly. Parents are frustrated, too, that major media outlets like CBS, ABC and NBC continue to ignore the fact that there are natural methods, especially diet, that are an essential for preventing and treating autism and they work!

Body Ecology has long championed a natural approach to preventing and treating autism, with excellent success. We firmly believe that we are helping unlock the mystery around the cause of this disorder and can successfully and consistently prevent this epidemic with our system of health and healing.

The Body Ecology system for health and healing is especially suited for treating autism because it lays down the "basic foundation" that must be a part of any autism solution.

The Body Ecology system:

Creates the needed energy to heal
Boosts immunity
Helps heal gastrointestinal distress and reestablishes healthy digestion
Helps detoxifies toxins and heavy metals
Conquers infections by providing an anti-fungal and anti-viral diet

Body Ecology is unique because it is based on seven universal principles that when practiced lead to answers for most health problems. These principles show us how to create ideal health and they are timeless and work for anyone.

We also emphasize the health of your digestive tract as one of the most important first steps to wellness by encouraging the growth of good bacteria in your intestines. We do this with "pro-biotic" or fermented foods and beverages (rich in beneficial microflora) that naturally create a healthy inner ecosystem. This inner ecosystem then supports a strong immune system which is essential for recovering from any condition.

Today tens of thousands of people around the world follow the Body Ecology System of Health and Healing. Our way of life focuses on the wisdom of our bodies and the inner ecosystem and has evolved over twenty years to help heal many different kinds of physical problems. Body Ecology was originally developed to help conquer systemic fungal infections and it has now become clear that most of the health problems we suffer from today are fungal (or yeast) based...even cancer. This is certainly true for children who are suffering from autism.

In fact, 100% of the children with autism have a yeast (fungal) infection and must be on a sugar-free, probiotic-rich, antifungal diet....the Body Ecology Diet.

Are Genes and the Mercury in Vaccines Causing Autism?

For the last several years here at Body Ecology we have been teaching that autism is not caused by the mercury in the vaccines but has multiple causes. Yes, mercury and other heavy metals found in these children (and most children today) are toxic and are affecting their neurological system. We also feel confident that a "genetic disorder" is not the cause yet, autism does have its origin in the womb.

During pregnancy a woman's immune system is suppressed so that it does not wage war against her newly developing fetus. This along with other phenomena sets the stage for every baby born today to potentially develop autism.  

Take a look at what's happening over the nine months of gestation:

1.     Both her thyroid and adrenals are stressed as they are called upon to produce more energy.
2.     Progesterone, the hormone necessary for keeping each baby in her mother's womb elevates significantly slowing down the movement of food through the mother's intestines. This is a natural and necessary protection for the baby.  
3.     An under active thyroid and adrenals plus elevated progesterone cause constipation in the mother-to-be so toxins cannot move quickly out of her body. Her blood and her baby's blood become more acidic and toxic.
4.     System Infections in the mother's bloodstream like candida (yeast) and herpes (viral) become acute, cause serious inflammation and more free radicals. These infections can also pass from the mother to the fetus as he/she is developing.
5.     It is important to note that when developing in the womb, a fetus's brain is also at risk since the blood brain barrier does not develop until 6 weeks after birth.

Take this combination of a stifled immune system, constipation, acid blood, systemic infections and then add in poor nutrition from the modern diet, often high levels of stress during the pregnancy and modern invasive medical interventions during labor and delivery and you have a fetus that begins life at risk for autism. These, however, do not cause autism.

If most fetuses are experiencing this difficult start to life why do only some children become autistic? Why do most cases of autism appear after vaccinations?

Today's infants are under siege... right from conception. At Body Ecology we see the immediate urgency to teach and affect a change. Indeed, autistic children are the "canaries in the coal" they provide clear-cut evidence that the welfare of the human race is in jeopardy.

So What Happens After Birth that Causes Some Children to Develop Autism?

Toxins - There is now a general agreement that environmental agents are playing a key role in the health of the young. Yet our bodies were created with an innate ability to purify. Every newborn must be able to purify or cleanse out toxins inherited from its parents and grandparents. In today's baby, the detoxification pathways are not strong and vital as they were generations ago. In fact, parents of an autistic child will tell you that their child was constipated from birth. Their liver is congested and there is poor peristaltic activity in their intestines so their detoxification pathways are not open and they cannot cleanse out these inherited toxins with childhood fevers, runny noses, etc. 

Infections - At Body Ecology we specialize in a diet that helps conquer yeast (fungal) infections. Knowing that this generation of child-bearing women were given too many antibiotics and birth control pills previous to becoming pregnant we knew that they had yeast infections and were unknowingly passing this infection on to their fetus in the womb. 

Also researchers have found that children with autism have viral infections in the brain and intestines. Cytokines, the chemicals produced by the immune system to organize attacks against pathogens, are always switched "on," causing constant inflammation in both regions.

Vaccinations - Vaccinations are the "proverbial straw" that leads to autism. It should be written into medical law that you do not vaccinate a child who does not have a strong immune system. With 85% of our immune system housed in our abdominal lymph tissue or "enteric brain", a healthy inner ecosystem is essential to immunity.

Today's children are very much at risk for autism because they lack this healthy inner ecosystem that should have begun developing at birth.

A healthy inner ecosystem is made up of the friendly microflora (good bacteria and yeast) that reside in your intestines and keep you vigorous and strong.

Again, seventy-five to eighty-five percent of our immunity is located in the lymph tissue in our inner ecosystem...our intestines. Babies who lack this inner ecosystem have poor immunity and should not receive vaccinations.

Better yet, we need to learn more from Nature and trust Her Ways. We need to be asking questions like "How does our planet's immune system work? How has our planet remained hardy and alive for many millions of years?" We will then discover the ways that Nature "vaccinates" us. One important way is to simply eat foods and beverages that contain pro-biotic microorganisms that keep our immune systems hardy. (See more below)

Here are 5 of the important tools that will help a child recover from autism using the Body Ecology program:

Consume mostly an 80% plant-based diet that is rich in vegetables. On The Diet we have a wonderful variety of vegetables that are can be eaten cooked, raw and fermented. Protein can be from both the animal and vegetable world including four gluten-free grain-like seeds (quinoa, millet, amaranth and buckwheat). Only a small amount of low-sugar fruits (always eaten on an empty stomach and with something fermented) is consumed because most people have yeast issues. The many nutrients and antioxidants in fresh, whole foods reduce inflammation and help keep our blood more alkaline and mineral rich.

Correct digestion with fermented foods and drinks like raw, cultured vegetables and fermented drinks populate your gut with the beneficial bacteria (probiotics) that keep you healthy and strong. Digestive enzymes also help ensure nutrients are absorbed. The two together help correct nutrient deficiencies.

Eliminate sugars and instead use stevia and Lakanto, our delicious sugar substitute made from Erythritol and the herb, Lo Han Guo. It can be used just like sugar and has been enjoyed in Japan for over 12 years. Lakanto is recommended...not just the Japanese Ministry of Health for diabetes and obesity. Assist Your Body to Eliminate Toxins - Detoxify. Detoxification clears your body's natural elimination pathways, which is especially important for children with autism. Body Ecology does this beautifully using Young Coconut Kefir. This refreshing drink, rich in probiotics, cleanses your liver and removes toxins (like heavy metals) naturally.

Consume Small amounts of Unrefined Fats and Oils We recommend adding fish and Cod liver oil, raw butter, ghee, coconut oil, red palm oil borage, evening primrose and olive oil to a child's diet. These unrefined or "virgin" fats and oils nourish the brain, help heal the intestinal lining, quell inflammation and create energy to heal.

Spread the Word and Help Prevent Autism - Here are Two Important Steps

Prepare for Pregnancy Before Conception.
Prospective new moms and dads can create healthy babies by following the Body Ecology Way of Life for at least six months before they conceive their baby. By nourishing her body with delicious foods of The Diet and by following our detoxification guidelines, autism, ADD and many other childhood illnesses can be totally prevented. Build Immunity Right Away with Fermented Liquids.

Create An Inner Ecosystem Soon After Birth
Give your baby fermented liquids soon after birth. In fact, within hours after birth parents can give their newborn a dropper full of fermented liquid. The juice of fermented vegetables or fermented coconut water provides beneficial microflora to help digest the proteins and consume the sugars in breast milk. As the microflora colonize the intestinal lining they create an inner ecosystem and begin to build a strong immune system, helping conquer the infections that have been inherited in the womb. A stronger immune system also helps fight off future infectious pathogens like measles, mumps and chicken pox.

As the immune system becomes stronger a baby will have "cleansings and fevers as toxins are eliminated. At times he/she will be exposed to viruses and bacteria and, once again, the immune system will literally go to war and learn to combat the invading microbes. Suppressing the infant's ability to fight against pathogens is going against Nature and is unwise. Watch your baby closely but do not be so quick to stifle the immune system with antibiotics. These powerful drugs should only be used when the infection is beyond the ability of the immune system to fight the pathogen. Home enemas can be very helpful at this time.

We believe in letting Nature show us how to stay strong and healthy and live a long, happy life...Nature uses her positive fresh air, water, sunlight, beneficial microflora, plant foods and do this. We, too, must follow Nature's way and as for diet...Body Ecology's delicious (mostly probiotic and plant-based) diet that focuses on fermented foods is Nature's way to eat.

Truly, autism is a wake up call from our children showing us that we have been heading in the wrong direction for decades. We will all benefit as we take action to heal and prevent this tragic epidemic. Let's quickly learn the lessons these beautiful children are bringing to us and begin right now to improve the health of children and adults everywhere in the world.

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