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Winning At The Dog Track With Quirky Spot Plays

By: Eb Netr

Just for a few minutes, let's forget what I usually say about greyhound handicapping. Yes, I advocate using a good handicapping system, learning it well, taking your time and really getting practiced at picking winners. but sometimes, everyone just wants to break out of the box and try something a little crazy.

These are some of the things that I use to pick spot plays when I'm tired of keeping my nose to the grindstone. Remember, spot plays are - well - spotty. Sometimes they come in and pay big bucks. Sometimes, they don't. Don't bet the farm on them. Just have some fun and do things a little bit differently for one program.

A little quirk that I've noticed with one of the trainers at my favorite track is that he's really good at getting dogs who break to come in from the 8 box. Whenever I see an 8 dog with this trainer, I put it into my quiniela box bet. But I also bet it to win and place, especially if it's at long odds.

Look for this situation at your track. Go through your program and look at the 8 dogs and notice whether there's a trainer who seems to be able to get them to come in. Go back through a few programs and look for this and other patterns that different trainers have.

I don't believe in betting kennels, but I do believe that trainers, like everyone else, have strengths and weaknesses. One may be better at training dogs that run inside and break. Another may be better at training distance dogs that close.

Someday when you don't have anything else to do, really look at the kennels statistics, noting which positions their winning dogs are in. If you see a pattern, add it to your list of quirky spot plays to play when you don't feel like handicapping a whole program.

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