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It Doesn't Take Money To Make Money? Say What?

By: Cynthia Farsadi

How many times have we heard this statement "It takes money to make money?"  Well, I can't even count in my adult years how many times I have heard this but lets just say it's around 100.  But here's the kicker, for a while now I have been witness to countless people,  and I have seen and  heard their stories and how they went from NOTHING to something!  What I mean by this is they went from having no real training, no background, no real idea of how they were going to reach their goals, to attaining those goals, and not only attaining their goals, but being a stand and an inspiration for others!

It doesn't take money to make money, what it takes is WORDS!  Yes, you heard me correctly words.  I first heard this from Robert Kiyosaki the best selling author of one of my ALL TIME favorite books, "Rich Dad Poor Dad."  This notion that it only takes words, not money to make money was such a revelation to me!  It was HUGE!  When I first truly realized the validity of this statement was when I got started in my own business.  I didn't have any money, but I knew that I was ready to make a change in my life!  I knew that if I felt this was the business for me, I would FIND a way.  That way was through words.  It was then that I realized I could use my words to get to where I wanted to go.  Here's what I mean by words:

1.  It takes THOUGHTS, to make money.  Not money.  Look at Bill Gates for example, the guy built and created the computer in his garage in his spare time while attending college.  He didn't go out put a ton of money into "FIGURING" things out!  He used his thoughts, he was creative and used his imagination.  People in Hollywood do this all the time!  Another great example is the BEST PICTURE Academy award winner for 2008, "Slumdog Millionaire."  This was not a "Dark Knight" is was NOT a big budget film with HUGE actors attached to it!  This film was so small that they only had ONE producer on board and had it first released as an Independent film because they couldn't get distribution.  The people behind this film used their imagination and thoughts, and not only that THEY USED THEIR PASSION for the story they wanted to share to get it out to the public.  And now the film has grossed over 90 Million word wide!  Now that is just awesomely brilliant!

2.  IT takes Ideas to MAKE money not money. In order to get to where you want to go, you've got to use your MIND.  No one else can THINK your thoughts!  And thank goodness otherwise we would be enslaved!   What I mean by this is you have to use your own brain and faculties.  We are living in the Creative Generation people!  The 20 something kids are more willing and open to creating things from scratch or their computer these days than ever before.  Never before have we had so much at our finger tips--creatively.  So, stop whining about your life and your problems and start thinking and coming up with your own IDEAS!  Just look out your back yard or down your street, everything you see started out as someones idea!  So what's your idea?

3.  It takes PASSION and conviction, also known as FAITH to make money. Well, you already heard me talk about the 8 time Academy award winning film "Slumdog Millionaire."  Talk about passion and faith to make this film and to see it's popularity just grow and grow.  Mainly through word of mouth and people enjoying the story so much that they told their friends and family about it!  Faith  doesn't mean you go "blind" and just nod your head even though you don't get it!  Faith means that you DO get it, you know who you are and why you are doing what you do. 

Get out your journal or just a piece of paper and write down some of your own ideas!  Start being creative and use your brain for more than just food, sex and getting by in life!  You never know, what you discover may blow your mind!


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