How To Attract Girls - 3 Stunning Keys Finally Revealed

This seems to come naturally to some guys whereas the others seem to struggle to get any attention. Well it is not about how good looking or rich the guy is or how he can flex his biceps to impress the girls. Women are very intuitive and can feel it when a guy is genuine and is being himself and not putting on the act of trying to be interesting or great company. What women want is someone genuine, and this is what they find most attractive. Of course some do have the natural gift of coming across as the perfect person, but then there may be several girls who find this kind of a man great company. A girl wants her own special man and not someone who is attractive to every woman he comes across.

The initial attraction is undoubtedly the way you communicate with her. If you are good with your words and she finds the way you speak and choose your words attractive then she will listen to you more and get more engrossed n your conversation. This kind of lays the foundation for a future friendship. If she is impressed with the way you talk and carry yourself then she will want to get to know you better. The initial few minutes can wither make or break your evaluation with a lady. If there is something in your which puts her off in the beginning then nothing can erase this memory from her mind and no matter how good you are at anything else, it will not change her mind.

A woman respects a man who respects himself. So carry yourself with dignity and let her know that you know what you want and how to go about getting it. This will make her depend on you and feel secure about being with you. If a woman feels insecure with you then she would not like to put her life, even if it is for an evening, in your hands. She should feel that "here is a man who can hold his own in any company and I can be proud to be seen with him".

Another funny thing about women is that though they like all the attention, they do not like to be chased by a man. Pursued in a dignified sense of the word yes, but not chased. They loose respect for a man who chases them and will turn him down if he approaches him. The other side of the coin is that women do want to claim a man as their prize if they find that a lot of women have their eyes on a particular man and want him. They feel that there has to be something special about this man and a lot of them would go all out to get him for themselves. This explains why women go for men who are in enviable positions like film stars, foot balers, tennis stars, cricketers and men who are academically qualified with a lot of grey matter.