Caring For Chickens - What You Should Know About Taking Care Of Backyard Chicks!

By: Jen Tooms

If you raise chickens it is very important that you keep them safe and protected which also will protect your investment. The first thing you need to do is decide what type of coop you will have. Is a simple post and wire pen going to work or do you need something more secure such as a hen house with a lock so that predators can't enter at night.

A post and wire pen in certainly the easiest way to go and surely would suffice for them to run around in during the day if in a relatively safe area and just as the name states these are simply posts with wire fencing around it. If you want to build your own pen you will need a hammer, a crowbar, a sledgehammer, and a crowbar. You can purchase the posts as a bundle and buy wire and staples. These can all be purchased at your local Lowes or Home Depots.

To begin you should use the crowbar to dig the holes to put each post into the ground and use the sledgehammer to hammer the post further into the ground. The length of the post will determine how far into the ground they need to go, and you should keep in mind that it can't be too low or your chickens will fly the coop for real...Once you have all the posts firmly positioned in the ground you will take the wire cut to size and fasten to each pole with the staples. When you're all finished check for any loose posts or loose staples and use the hammer to correct these.

Voila...You have the perfect yard for your chickens to live in!