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Don't Bet To Win At The Dog Track

By: Eb Netr

Everybody is impressed when someone puts big money on a dog to win and it comes in at long odds. True, this doesn't happen as often at the dog track as it does at the horse track, but still, it happens.

The trouble with betting large sums of money on dogs to win is that they don't usually pay that much when they win. Unlike at the horse tracks, there's just not usually enough money in the win pool at the greyhound track, to pay much at all.

The crowds are smaller. The odds are different. One big bet can lower the odds tremendously and result in payoffs that aren't worth the risk.

Instead of depending on one dog to make money for you, why not put that dog with two or three others in a quiniela box? Or, if you're determined to go after big money, why not figure out how to play a trifecta with that dog?

Keys and wheels with your dog as the kingpin of the bet can pay much more than a win bet. They also give you many more chances to hit something. Consider putting your dog second also, instead of just first.

Many times, a dog comes in second and you can hear the groans of the people who only bet it to win. So does this mean you should bet dogs to win and place?

Maybe, although that doesn't pay very well either. No, my suggestion is that you stick with small win bets or combine your favorite with other dogs in exotic bets.

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