Flirt With A Guy - Three Amazing Tips On Flirting

Can you flirt with a guy and make him happy? Do you know what is needed in the dating world? How will you make him like you after you show him you are interested? If these are questions you have asked yourself and still don't know how to make that special guy want to know you better, then these three tips about flirting will help you on your way to hooking him.

You are able to get guys by just being you. Don't make the mistake of thinking that wearing trashy clothes or making yourself into the likeness of a model will endear him to you. It won't. Making sure you are clean and neat, putting on a bit of makeup and fixing your hair will let your true beauty shine through. Don't be crabby on your fun night out as first impressions are important. Be happy with yourself and he will surely be attracted to you.

Here are the three most important things to do when you are going to flirt with a guy.

Of course the first impression will be the eye contact. He will feel your stare across the room and start to wonder about you. You can act a bit sheepish when he catches you staring and look away. Holding his stare on the second encounter will show your interest in him. He will probably come by you on the third eye contact and you should be ready for him.

Next will be the conversation. You will want to listen and pay attention when guys want to talk about themselves. This isn't to say that you want to fawn over him and offer praises and just agree with him. You want to show you have intelligence and can hold up your end of the conversation. Be interested in what he has to say and what his interests and hobbies are but you want to contribute to the conversation as well. Only compliment him when you mean it. You will never want to act phony, as this is a great turn-off when you flirt with a guy.

Gently tease him. If you have dated a bit or know him this is acceptable. Don't talk trash just things that will make him feel good like telling him how sexy he looks or sharing a joke. Humor is one thing that guys like and it holds true in a relationship. Being fun and interesting will give you both the bond you are looking for.