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Getting A New Hot Tub - Where Is The Best Place To Locate It?

By: Julia Theobald

Having a spa at home is a trend that has become very popular thanks to the many health benefits provided by the regular use of a hot tub. So now that you have decided to get yourself one, it is now very important for you to decide where you would like to install it, irrespective of whether you are installing it yourself or getting it installed professionally, before it is delivered as you'll have some preparation to do for it.

Inside the house or outside in the garden?

This is the most important question you need to ask yourself as it could impact on the actual choice of tub. Both of these home locations have a certain appeal but on the other hand both of them require equally amounts of effort, even though the work involved will be different for each one. It is very important that you give the issue of where you are going to install your spa some serious consideration as it is going to be very hard, expensive and probably impractical for you to change your mind after the installation has been completed.

Inside the House

Most people do prefer to have their hot tub in the same room or one that is adjoining their bathroom so it is easy to have a shower before or after the soak. This room will also need appropriate plumbing and and electrics but remember that a filled hot tub is going to be quite heavy and therefore un upstairs room is not going to be suitable as the wooden floor is very unlikely to support it. The room you choose to place your hot tub in will also need good ventilation to make sure that there is no build up of excessive moisture that can cause damp and odours.

Outside the house

If you want your hot tub outside in the garden it is generally recommended, especially for the UK, that it has an enclosure such as a spa gazebo. If the hot tub is completely in the open air it may not be practical for use throughout the year, however nice it is to sit in a hot tub in the rain or snow you still have to get to and from it! You should ideally choose a location in the garden where water for the plumbing and electricity is present or nearby. If properly installed and looked after an outdoor hot tub is not likely to need more cleaning and maintenance.

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