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Buying A Removable Pool Fence? Read The "no Bull Sheet"

By: Robert Neil

Before you buy a Removable Safety Pool Fence it is of the utmost importance that you do some preliminary investigations of the fence company's that you intend to accept bids from. Ask for references! A reliable pool fence company will gladly give you references. Don't just accept "John Doe" references, they're not going to give a name of someone that they're not sure of or would give them a bad reference, they could be friends or relatives. These people are called "singer's," That is to say someone who sings the praises of a person or company and are not legitimate customers! So how do you tell the difference?

Simple, ask for local trade references. Ask people and company's who are local tradesmen in your community ,pool contractors, landscapers, pool supply stores, and pool servicemen and so on.This will save you from the fly by nighters, Gypsies and newbies .Don't forget there is the old standby the "Better Business Bureau." Also there is a new kid on the block, called "Angie's List." They are a referral service company on the Internet that monitors preferred and referred trade and professional business's.

So here we go!, I have written a few helpful tips to help you understand what a Premium removable pool fence should consist of. Most think that all pool fence's are alike, well at first glance they do all look alike. Kinda like, "you seen one you've seen them all !" Generally people think that all pool fences are created equal. But that just isn't so! Here are some easy to spot differences to look for when shopping for a removable pool fence.

Examine the border material,make sure it is of ample thickness and made of a UV resistant petroleum base material. This will allow for suitable expansion and contraction during the changing seasons and will prevent mildew and dry rot. Make sure that the border has at least (3) three rows of stitching with a lock stitch to prevent unraveling, this will add strength to the border as well.

Examine the inner core of the pool fence poles to make sure that there is inner pole reinforcement of the poles from end to end (Look for an X inside, it being the best for inner strength). Ask if the poles and the pole moldings are made of aircraft grade aluminum and if they are powder coated, not painted. Each pole should be topped off with a UV resistant pole crown cap.

Take a close look at the method with which the pole sections will be attached to each other.Hook and eye is the old school. We recommend double ended stainless steel nickel plated snap latches.

Because the gate is a high traffic area ( entering and existing ) the gate must be super strong to last a lifetime of use. Make sure that the gate is also made of aircraft grade aluminum and powder coated as well, this will insure a great looking super strong gate! Check to make sure that the uprights ( the poles that hold the gate frame )are made of at least 1&1/4'' squared aircraft grade aluminum extrusion that is at least 1/8'' thick. We highly recommend "True Close" hinges and a "Magna Latch" lock for a trouble free self closing gate.

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