The Art Of Approaching Women - Do You Have What It Takes To Meet Women Successfully?

Approaching women is an art form because it's different every time. There are so many different factors to consider such as the time of day, the venue, the woman you're approaching, whether she's alone or by herself, whether you're alone or by yourself... Why, even the weather can be considered a factor! To be successful each time, you have to be good at managing and juggling all of these factors. You have to be a master at observing people and making quick but accurate judgments based on your observations.

If you are new to the art of approaching women, you can still manage to meet women successfully by focusing on the two most important factors for a successful approach. These two factors are first, being able to tell whether or not a woman is receptive to being approached and second, whether or not you are able to use a good opener and start a lively conversation with a woman.

Let's discuss the first factor. How can you tell if a woman is receptive to being approached? Here are some behavioral cues to consider:

* She's NOT wearing a ring on her ring finger. That's almost a sure sign that she's taken. If she wanted to be approached, she would have made sure she removed any clues of being attached to a man.

* She makes eye contact. Women who want to be approached will not be afraid to make eye contact with an man she finds attractive. If she's shy, she would break contact a few seconds after the man spots her, first making sure that the man noticed her interest in him.

* She is seated at the corner or standing in the middle of the crowd. This gives her a good place to scout the place and look for interesting and attractive men.

* She adopts an "open" posture. This type of posture means she doesn't mind being approached so she removes any barriers between herself and a man who might want to talk to her. That means no crossed arms on her chest or a frown on her face.

Now, let's talk about the second, equally important factor in meeting women successfully. How do you make a good opener and start a conversation with a woman?

* Move in from the side, not from the front. This will make your approach less threatening on the woman.

* Walk to the woman casually. Do not sneak up on her from behind. Relax your shoulders and glide naturally to where she is.

* Open casually. Smile and adopt a pleasant tone of voice. Moderate your volume when you talk -- loud enough and clear enough to be heard. Don't over enunciate though, which will make you look creepy.

* Maintain good eye contact. This shows confidence and attraction. It gives the impression that you are mesmerized by her.

* Start a fun conversation. Asking for an opinion is always a good way to start. Initially, keep the topic light. As you become more comfortable talking to each other, you can move on to more personal topics like work, family background, hobbies, etc.

* Don't put pressure on yourself by making it your goal to end the conversation with a number or a date. Just focus on having a great conversation and establish rapport with her.

* Remain conscious of other people. If your friends are with you, don't desert them and focus all of your attention on the woman. Of if you're by yourself, don't pass up the chance to meet and mingle with other people. This will show her that you are very sociable, which is a trait women find attractive in men.