How To Get With A Girl And Keep Her Coming Back For More

You've never really been the type of guy that girls find attractive. You are always stuck in the friend zone while other guys are getting with more than one girl at a time. It just doesn't seem fair. You treat women with respect but it isn't getting you anywhere. You want to become a ladies man so you can be irresistible to women and get with any girl that you want.

It's difficult to hook up with a girl, but what is harder is getting her to come back for more. You might meet a girl you really like, go on a date with her but then you never hear from her again and she puts you right back into that friend zone that you know too much about. How can you get with a girl and then also get her to date you?

Girls respond really well to humor so if you can make a girl laugh, you can get into her heart. Don't use any cheesy pick up lines to try and make her laugh. Maybe pick on someone's dance moves at the bar or make fun of another girl who is dressed a little skanky. She will appreciate the fact that you aren't drooling over some other girl and she will warm up to your humor. Also, be confident. Women love a guy who is confident rather than a guy who is cocky. If you can find the right balance between humor and confidence, then you will be able to have any woman you want.