How To Cut Weight For Wrestling Without Losing Strength Or Energy - Part 2

Why Dehydrating Is The Worst Mistake You Can Make... And What You Should Really Be Doing! If you are trying to cut weight do go down a class do you stay away from all liquids? Do you spit in a cup? Do you sit in a sauna? Do you jump rope or ride a bike in plastics? If you do any of the above, I guarantee that you aren't wrestling at your best!

How do I know? It's simply human physiology. Your muscles are made up of various things but mostly water. When you do things to try to dehydrate you are pulling this water out of the muscle - leaving you with weak muscle cells that make you feel like crap.

The key is to keep the water that's inside your muscle cells which is called INtracellular water. The water that's on the outside of the muscles underneath the skin is called EXtracellular water. This is the water that can be 'dried up' so that you weigh in lighter, but don't feel weak and tired. Plus, you'll be able to recuperate quickly after weighing in. The way to keep your INtracellular water intact, and remove the EXtracellular water is to keep up your hydration levels.

This is accomplished by eating the foods suggested in the part 1 (red meat, eggs and salad) while consuming plenty of water... until about 15 hours before you weigh-in. At this point you drink 6-8 oz of water every 3 hours up until weighing in. This allows you to shed the extracellular water and drop a few extra lbs without having to resort to barbaric methods that leave you feeling like something the cat dragged in...