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Brown Granite Worktops Are On The Up!

By: Alan Bottomley

Is brown the new black?
It's truly amazing how quickly trends can change for kitchen designs and granite worktop colors!
For years we have installed black stone work surfaces, including many variations of China blacks, Indian blacks and African blacks, although a few years back, many variations of brown stone were the rage, although with this said; black has always been a leader.
I recently spoke to a customer who only a year and a half previously had us install a Shanxi black granite worktop for them, but now has requested that it all is changed for brown. They are changing the entire kitchen, including the base units, as these were matched to the color of the stone used.
Naturally, as more and more consumers choose a particular colour or shade of stone, the need for something different increases, even if the new choice has seen past popularity and with so many variations to choose from, brown stone has a variation to suit most kitchen designs.
The following list details some of the variations of brown stone that can be obtained today.
Baltic Brown
A medium dark brown on a black background; this stone was very popular a few years ago and is now making a return to fashion!
Starlight Brown
Starlight brown is possibly the next fashion leader and is generally a dark brown, with silver, star chips within.
Antique Brown
A beautiful dark brown, which shadows slight differences in its variations; most people like this, but it does tend to be a rather expensive choice - worth it if you can run to it!
Labrador Antique
Mottled shades of brown mixed with scattered pearlescent blue crystals
Tropical Brown
Medium dark brown with some black colors found within!
Cafe Brown
Mottled shades of brown
Tan Brown
Soft mottled dark and light brown colors; this stone is very attractive, as the dark and light colors blend so well together.
Sapphire Brown
Sapphire brown is a lighter version of Tan brown and has a beautiful soft color mix of these two brown shades.
Green and brown with some gold and scattered pearlescent crystals; possibly the most fitting colour for oak kitchens
With many other brown types of stone available, hopefully this list has provided you with the insight required to make your choice!

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