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Greyhound Handicapping - Number One Pace Secret

By: Eb Netr

How to find pace in a race is crucial to greyhound handicapping. Many people think that it's impossible to predict what the pace of a race will be, but they're wrong. While it's not likely that you'll be able to pin it down to the exact time of the race, you should be able to get a pretty good idea.

Look at the dogs in the race and mark the ones that break first out of the box and then are also first at the 1/8th call. These dogs are the ones who will set the pace of the race for the other dogs. It doesn't matter, at this point, whether they can hold on to win, place or show.

Now, look at their times in their last races where they broke. If you see that those times are much faster than the other dogs' times, you'll know that they'll take the lead and hold it, at least to the 1/8th call. This doesn't mean that they'll win the race, because there are other factors that you have to take into consideration.

First, do these dogs fade? If so, and if there is more than one in the race, there's a good chance that they'll burn each other out in the first part of the race. If that happens, look for a closer to show up and pass the breakers at the finish line.

If the dogs don't fade, and if there aren't more than two or three, they may well be the quiniela or trifecta. This is because they set such a fast pace that the slower dogs don't really try to catch them after awhile. Sometimes, it almost looks as if there are two races going on out there with the early speed dogs way ahead and the slower dogs in a second tier.

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