Chicken Tractor Plans - Why You Should Invest In Chicken Tractor Plans

By: Tom S Williams

Making a chicken tractor for your backyard poultry is a great way to keep your poultry. However it is important to have a good set of plans so that you can make a good and educated effort. A chicken tractor is a fairly simple construction; shaped in a 'A' frame, these are mostly constructed out of just chicken wire and lumber and can be put up in the space of a few hours on a weekend.

While constructing a tractor you need to keep these things in mind:

a.Get some good chicken tractor plans so that your effort is more efficient and well directed.
b.Get the materials which will include lumber or plywood depending on what is available, some chicken wire, hammer and nails and also a tape measure.
c.Make sure to provide your chickens with at least 4 square feet per bird so that they may live comfortably.

A chicken tractor has many advantages to offer. The most important among these is that it allows the chicken to reach the grass as it does not have any floors; this allows your birds to eat the weed and pests in your backyard soil. Now if you have a decent sized backyard then the advantage here should seem obvious, a chicken tractor can most definitely save you hours of work. Apart from this it can also save your birds from predators and also the weather to a certain degree. While making a tractor it is advisable to attach some wheels into it so that moving it around can be easy.

Also make sure to move it around frequently; If the chickens are left on one spot for too long they will scratch away the entire top soil of that patch of your backyard, so be careful.