Making A Chicken Run For Your Backyard Poultry

By: Tom S Williams

Chicken runs are very important additions to any chicken coop primarily because they allow the chicken to roam around in a safe and secure environment without exposing them to unnecessary risks. These are very easy to setup and also do not require more than a few hours of work. All the material that you will need is some lumber and chicken wire and that's about it! However while making a chicken run you need to be careful about a few things so that your chicken run is a safe and good construction.

Firstly the chicken run should provide ample space for the chicken to roam. Mostly it is recommended that in a coop you must provide at least 3 square feet of space for the chicken to live but a chicken run is usually bigger and will need to offer more space so that the chicken can roam with ease.

When installing the chicken wire make sure that you dig it at least 6 inches into the ground so that critters cannot dig from under it. Also turn the wires into the run for added protection. Since chicken are also a prey to aerial predators such as hawks and owls you will have to cover the top with chicken wire as well.

Finally have a coop nearby so that the chicken can retreat to it during the night. A run can protect your birds from predators but will be of no use against foul weather as it is more or less an open construction.