Acupuncture To Treat High Blood Pressure

Since ancient times, acupuncture is known to be an effective treatment for treating high BP (blood pressure) in human beings. High blood pressure is a situation where the blood starts exerting pressure against the walls of the veins, arteries and several chambers of the heart. Over an extended period of time, this heavy pressure of blood begins to damage the lining of the blood vessels. The situation could also lead to arteriosclerosis, the condition that causes the hardening of the arteries.

The symptoms of high BP are often acute in all human beings. They consist of flushed faces, immediate dizziness, painful headaches, difficult breathing, restlessness, nose bleeding, nervousness, depression, bad temper, insomnia, emotional instability and intestinal complaints. The high blood pressure is diagnosed as soon as the normal pressure begins to rise repeatedly. The other corporeal symptoms of blood pressure include the decrease of muscle strength, weaker eye vision as well as the tendency to urinate frequently.

Acupuncture treatments along with electric stimulation can decrease the lower elevations of high BP in human beings. There was a research conducted where the acupuncture needles were inserted on the inside of the forearm or merely above the wrist. Electric current was then being passed through these needles and lower frequencies of such electric stimulation reduced the blood pressure successfully. Another research on acupuncture treatment showed that the needles inserted would excite the brain cells and causes them to release 'feel-good' chemicals known as neurotransmitters. These chemicals often increase the heart related activities.

In order to cure BP, several needles are inserted on the forearm; wrist or legs, so as to excite the opioid chemicals located in the brain and lessen the excitatory activities of the cardiovascular systems. Such a decrease in the heart activities and increase in the need for oxygen can reduce the BP greatly. It also helps in healing some of the other heart-related ailments such as myocardial ischemia and hypertension.

At the time of going through acupuncture treatments to cure high blood pressure, some of the other herbs such as Gastrodia Rhizome, Shan Za or Prunella could be used to reduce blood pressure. The juices of these herbs should be injected in order to achieve better results. A unique acupuncture treatment for high blood pressure would also involve the pressing of your skin on the palm between the index finger and the thumb. Acupuncture is available with a range of different variations and is successful on all the patients with hypertension. Unlike the existing myth, the pricking of needles is not painful and the goal of this treatment is to benefit everyone suffering from high BP and other cardiac disorders.