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Treatment For Autism

By: Craig Robin

Autism is a neurobiological disorder that is affecting a growing number of children. The symptoms of the disease manifest itself before three years of age and are characterized by difficulty in feeding, resistance to change of any fixed environment, fits of violent temper, to be withdrawn in their own world of imagination and behavioral abnormalities such as walking tiptoe, flapping hands and strange postures.

So what are the options of treatment for autism?

Earlier the better; it is intervention at very early age that is important for better result from treatment for autism. As soon as the diagnosis is confirmed it is important that parents sit with doctors to discuss and determine the therapy.

The symptoms of each autistic child may differ from the other but the treatment option for autism faces similar challenges worldwide. For most kids, autism treatment involves behavioral therapy, special education in schools and even speech and language therapy. Dietary restrictions and role of vitamins is also not ruled out. However, the one that works the best on treatment for autism is play-based activities. Another treatment program that is widely gaining grounds in treating autism is called Applied Behavior Analysis, based on reward system. Again, in some cases it has been found that less intensive approach such as playing online brain games have proved to be extremely beneficial for treating this disease.

How brain games can be an option in treatment for autism?

Brain games stimulate nerve cells and help it to perform better holistically. Autism develops due to impairment of certain parts of the brain. Playing brain games increases blood flow in all parts of the brain, and flushes the brain cell with extra supply of oxygen. Play therapy can be most effective as it can be fun for them while the tend to learn the basic and important life skills.

Some brain games that can help treat autism

In most cases it has been found that challenging the brain helps it to perform better with increased coordination. If autistic children are introduced to some games since early age, success of treatment increases manifold. For example games like Memory Match will help them to identify colors and shapes and they will learn them at a faster rate while having fun at play.

In a similar way concepts of simple arithmetic problems can be introduced by playing games such as Raindrop. The concept of numbers can be introduced. Again through games such as Playing Koi or Birdwatching can help autistic children learn different species of animals besides improving their motor skill by trying to respond at a quicker speed.

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