Natural Treatments For Hbp - Natural Therapies For Hbp

By: Ryan English

In order to understand the effects of therapies or remedies regarding HBP, we have to understand the anatomy of the disease first. Understanding how a certain disease behaves is very crucial in the treatment process.

Framework of the Killer

High blood pressure is primarily caused by a sudden surge of blood inside the arteries. The sudden gush of blood is the result of the high-speed travel of blood as it passes through a narrowed capillary or blood vessels blocked by cholesterol build up. The increase in blood pressure is in turn caused by an increased force exerted by the heart in order to distribute the needed blood in all parts of the body as it passes through the blocked blood vessel.

Cholesterol build up that eventually hardens inside the arteries or what is called "plaque" is the number one cause of HBP. This cholesterol build up is aggravated mostly by our unhealthy diets that include excessive consumption of saturated or "animal" fats, smoking and other unhealthy lifestyle practices. Lingering HBP can lead to other forms of complications like kidney troubles, vision loss and heart diseases among others.

Natural Therapies

As further research regarding this disease continues, these were some of the founded natural therapies that have proven to be effective against HBP:

  • Vitamin D treatment. Research showed that persons with HBP tend to suffer a raised blood pressure during winter and colder times, the time when less sunshine is experienced. During the time when sunshine and ultraviolet rays are abundant, more vitamin D was activated and this essential vitamin is responsible for suppressing a potent substance called renin. This substance is responsible for the thickening of the walls of blood vessels as well as the walls of the heart. It also causes the blood vessels to constrict, thus, leading to HBP. Vitamin D suppressing renin production leads to a decreased possibility of an increased blood pressure.
  • Flax oil. This produces linolenic acid, another natural element effective in lowering high blood pressure. It can be obtained from ground flaxseed approximately 4 tablespoons that has to be taken everyday.
  • Oat meal. An oatmeal daily keeps HBP away. This is proven to reduce blood pressure at a very significant level for a long time now.

Suffering from high blood pressure is not as worrisome as it seems because of these natural home therapies. The full effect of these therapies however, should be accompanied by healthy lifestyles and diets everyday in order for it to become significantly useful.