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How To Teach Yourself Proper English The Easy Way

By: Mary Simmers

When you read the title of this article, it must have shocked you or maybe even felt insulted when you start reading the first few lines of this article. Now I am not an expert in English myself and I don't meant to preach others of how important this language is, but with the way most businesses are handled right now, it's only a matter of time before we start reading the dictionary or visit the nearest computer for a crash course with English software. The most common method of communication in most places around the world is English so you must realize how important to learn good English, right?

We all have been taught how to speak and write English back in our elementary and high school days, but it is unfortunate how a small fraction of today's youth realize the importance of good communication and writing skills. In college, we already focus ourselves with our chosen profession and the language skills are set aside. Everyone should realize that learning how to speak and write good English is the foundation for having a very successful career. I should know that when applying for a job, one can show how professional he or she is with a good written resume. Or even in school, when your teacher asks you to write a written report, you get good grades if you have a well-made assignment.

If you are interested in improving your own English skills, then don't worry! It is not yet too late. What you can do is start by practicing your English writing skills. You can start by writing a few simple paragraphs in a notebook and then you can consult a dictionary to check if you have used the correct words and spelled them out without any mistakes. If you have a computer, you can type using the computer and then use grammar checkers to check for mistakes. You can study about correct sentence construction, spelling and verb agreements just by reading the dictionary or going to language websites. Read lots of English books and if you encounter difficult words, then check the dictionary for the meaning. You can do all these in order for you to have fun too! There are some PC games that are designed to enrich your vocabulary. You can try downloading them and then start playing with these games in order for you to improve your own grammar and vocabulary. As most people would say, learning good English should also be fun.

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