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Wrestling Injury Risks

By: Joseph Devine

Wrestling, also known as grappling, is a rough contact sport. Because wrestling involves neutralizing your opponent through holds and locks, there is a high risk of injury to joints, the neck, and limbs. Any longtime wrestler knows that the risk of injury is part of competing in the sport, but sometimes unexpected injuries can occur because of other factors.

A serious injury can put a wrestler on the bench for months or even end the wrestler's competitive career. If an injury is caused by an external factor and not by the opponent, the athlete may be the victim of negligence and someone else may be liable.

Negligence and Injuries

There are a number of factors during a wrestling match that could lead to injury in the arena, including:

Why You May Need a Lawyer

If you or someone you know has suffered an injury from any of the above negligent actions, consider contacting a personal injury lawyer immediately. Someone may be liable for the negligent behavior that led to the injury, such as the referee, coach, gym maintenance staff, or another player. A wrestling injury can not only end a wrestler's career but may limit other future opportunities as well.

Negligent behavior should be kept out of sports to ensure that wrestlers can safely and fairly compete without interference. A personal injury lawyer can help protect your interests and hold the liable parties accountable to help ensure you receive the compensation you deserve.

For More Information

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