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Pre Finished Siding - Lower Cost Home Exteriors With Maximum Durability And Longevity

By: Daniel P Elliott

With selecting options regarding a home remodel or new construction, comes many choices. Some are simple to make, while others can be difficult. The features of a home's exterior is perhaps the easiest aspect to decide upon, specifically, siding. The most common choices for established homes are traditional wood siding, vinyl siding, or aluminum siding. Newer materials, though, are now being preferred for their durability, as well as the style and design that can be achieved.

Fiber cement siding has experienced tremendous interest due to these qualities and is perhaps the most durable and long-lasting type of siding on the market today. Durability does not necessarily confine a homeowner's choice to fiber cement siding, however. With pre-finished siding, material preparation has increased the longevity of traditional siding, such as wood, as well as decreased the cost to the builder and homeowner.

Factory pre-finished siding comes to the home site already prepared in every way possible. After the homeowner selects the type of siding and choosing a color, the factory finished siding gets a full 360 degrees of paint. Typical siding installations only get a coat of paint on the visible surfaces. Because the factory finished siding comes fully prepared and sealed, weather issues during installation are not a factor. These installations could be performed in a thunderstorm and the siding would be safe and unaffected. Work on a home would never have to be delayed for the elements again.

By having the siding factory finished, the warranty of the product can be lengthened. If the wood has not been factory pre-finished, it arrives at the job site untreated and susceptible to the elements. Moisture will then cause the wood to not retain the paint color well, which in turn will cost more money in repainting. By having this work done at the climate controlled factory, moisture is not an issue.

Perhaps the only challenge with selecting factory finished siding for a home project is also finding a competent contractor. Many contractors are still from the old school state of mind which is that to ensure quality, the siding should be finished on site. The exact opposite is true because of the outside elements. Costs are also lower than on-site finishing because of the amount of labor time not needed for treating, painting, and sealing.

Being sure that the company used for the installation of a factory finished product is well informed in the handling of the pre-finished product is extremely important. The installation professional should be proficient in working with the materials, as well as the proper guidelines for installation. Factory pre-finished materials are not the same as on-site finished materials, and no installer should treat them as such.

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