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Understanding Your Dreams - Finally The Number 1 Way To Find Inner Peace (Without Expensive Therapy)

By: Alexa Ross

What do your dreams really mean? How do your dreams impact the rest of your life? Are relationships affected? Your work, career or finances? Essentially, can what goes on in the magical and mysterious places of your "slumbering" mind be the wide WINDOW into the just about every piece and puzzle in discovering your TRUE life's purpose? I say...quite simply, yes!

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The simple truth is that MUCH of what you believe, both about yourself, and the world around you is playing out on a subconscious level FAR beneath the "engagement" of your active mind. And because we each have so many different levels and layers of "protection" that keeps our world view pretty constant, there is rarely the opportunity to truly "see" through the mysteries of our own minds.

There are 2 simple shortcuts to re-training your brain for maximum insight and illumination. Both are important....but 1 is FAR easier to accomplish than the other:

1 - Meditation

2- Dream Interpretation

Why? Because both peel away the layers of "stuff" and reveal the TRUE "you". The real thoughts, fears, ideas and aspirations you have when there is NO "thinking" involved. When it's just pure mind. And in this state, in this magical, pure and perfect place, every authentic aspect of your TRUE self can be uncovered, understood and revealed!

When you Understand your can FINALLY Achieve Them!

And put the nightmares to bed once and for all to boot. For me? The BEST thing I ever did for my relationship, for my career AND my sense of self esteem was to study my dreams. It's hard to explain....but it actually connects you to a part of you that you truly never realize is in charge all along! (and once you do...the breakthroughs come quickly, easily and are ferociously fun to witness as well!)

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