Acupressure And Your Face

Eastern cultures believe in the concept of the Qi or Chi - a psychic energy deep within our bodies. This psychic energy is mainly responsible for maintaining the body's normal functioning and equilibrium. Generally, people who are able to cope well with the daily hassles of their lives are very adept in diverting their psychic energies between themselves and the environment. On the other hand, stress occurs when the demands of the environment exceed what individual's capacity to cope with it. This is when the chi becomes imbalanced, and causes a lot of tension and anxiety on the mind and body.

Acupressure is an ancient Eastern technique that has been used for centuries in treating the individual's chi or psychic energy. It is based on the assumption that various pressure points on the skin can stimulate the psychic energy within and decrease the amount of tension experienced by particular bodily organs. It uses fingers or tools to apply pressure on these body parts. Manipulating the amount of pressure applied stimulates the body effectual functioning. It does not say that it can heal, but it suggests that it can contribute to speeding up the body's healing process as well. It is also based on science, since the pressure points are not applied randomly, but based on the pulse flows, which correspond to a particular artery just beneath the skin. Massaging this part of the skin lets go of the tension and releases the body's chi or psychic energy. It helps soften the skin's texture, maintain its elasticity, stimulates the flow of blood and oxygen, and eradicates toxins in the body. All these consequences contribute to delaying the skin's aging process, and relieving the person of stress.

Massaging the face helps in maintaining the skin's elasticity and muscle tone. In fact, it is an easy, convenient and cheap non-surgical procedure which helps maintain your face and skin's youthful looking appearance. Instead of resorting to costly Botox injections and face-lift surgery, massaging the face is tantamount to getting your very own face-lift procedure. This is because massaging the face works on the skin's natural elements - its muscle tone, its firmness and its elasticity.

Over time and due to the normal aging process, the amount of collagen and elastin in our body decreases. By accounting poor nutrition and diet, and not getting regular exercise, this will result to having sagging skin by the age of 35. Although laser therapy, face-lift surgery and Botox injections provide quick solutions in removing this problem, they can only do so much, plus you need all the money you need to keep up with their sessions. On the other hand, by using natural procedures such as acupressure, massages and facial exercises, and coupling it with the application of facial creams or the best face lotion, getting that tight skin at the age of 50 will be a cheap, safe and best deal that you could get.