Why Do You Like Girls?

Talking to Girls

Before mustering up the courage to go ahead and speak to a girl, you should always ask the question "why?" This may perhaps seem like a lame thing to do at any point of time. But I assure you that it is a vital factor in determining the proper approach towards being a genuine PUA (Pick Up Artist). There can be a variety of reasons that can pop up in your head before talking to a girl. These may include Reasons to Improve PUA Skills; Impress Your Friends or Just because you have to. Here is where you are wrong and have the complete wrong notion about why you should talk to girls.

The main reason why you should to talk to girls is not because someone told you to, or some website said practice. It's because as a man there are desires and these desires need to be fulfilled one way or another. Don't get the wrong idea here. I'm talking about the desire to be with a woman and have a decent conversation. When you decide to talk to a woman, there should be no external force that should compel you to do it. It has to be form within and it should be genuine.

At many instances, society will play a great role in trying to suppress you. Just to make sure to "fit in", you will give in to these demands. They may perplex you by saying a variety of suppressive factors such as to pay for the dinner when taking a girl on a date, never be too open or forward with the girl, be quiet, don't look at girls publicly and so on. The list can be endless and the rules are in synchronization too. There are a plethora of lifestyle and relationship magazines that are widely available at the local store. Have a look at them. There is fashion advice, lifestyle trends and celebrity gossip.

There is so much to read. But the real truth behind all this is that the people who have written it have very little or rather no experience in the field at all. Television is another societal pressure that makes these rules and regulations while broadcasting entertainment and reality shows. Most of the shows revolve around the fact of how to impress women by becoming rich, beautiful and successful. A closer look at these shows will tell you that these so called entertainment programs govern us and tell us what to do and what not to. It is like something else or someone else telling us what to do. It takes our core values away of behaving and doing what others say.

Of course, there is a point behind all this. It is like a tutor, whom without which, it would take us ages or years to understand what needs to be done. Trial and Error would be the only approach towards talking to girls in the long run.

Holding within our own values, there can be a number of reasons why we would like to talk to girls. Perhaps she got great looks or has a stunning sex appeal. Perhaps your libido would want to take advantage of the situation or maybe she is dressed in inviting attire. Whatever be the reason, focus on it and keep it as the core value that you believe in. Step up, take the plunge and go and talk to her. Do it because you want to. Whatever is the reason, gulp it and do it. Perhaps the intentions for talking to her can be a little crude. It may seem to be a little demeaning, but you should realize that women are human beings too and have the same emotions as all of us.

One approach of getting your senses straightened out and talking to a girl is to finalize a reason why you are going to talk to her. Primarily think about what kind of girls you desire to talk to. Think variety, think of the personalities and styles that impress you. Trust your instincts and go with the flow. One you thought of your own preferences, think about the girls that you have shortlisted in the room. Try to gauge the likings and cravings of these girls.

Once you can adhere to these specifications, a PUA can go ahead and do his magic. You will notice a great amount of images of beautiful women I upload on this blog. It is not to attract you or lure you talking to women. These are images that I find attractive for my own core benefit. I also know that the possibility of finding women like these in reality can be a daunting task but I am willing to take things further as and when the opportunity arises. As we all evolve into more dynamic personalities, these images that may now seem farfetched will gradually appear to be more realistic. The great difference when we do not act under the influence of others is that we create and maintain our own confident, dominant and dynamic selves. With all these qualities embedded within us, we can know just want to do or say next.

There are plenty of opening statements men use around the world to talk to women. Some hit the nail on the head and some just strike out. I have my own personal favorites listed below.

Hey, your style really impresses me. I had to come and said hi. I'm (your name)

You look amazing. Hi. I just wanted to say hello. My name is (your name)

You got a great style going on here. Love the legs. I thought of coming here and saying hello. I'm (your name). Pleased to meet you.

While one or two may seen stagnant, it should be known to go with the flow of whatever impresses you about the girl. Once you make your opening statement, you can go ahead and continue the conversation. If you are one of those guys who are wondering what to say next, then I'm sorry to say that you have still not figured out your intention of why you wanted to talk to this girl. Confirm your intentions and the strategy you apply will follow those guidelines.

It's pretty simple. Make them understand your intentions. If you want to kiss her, then do it. If you want to take her back to your place, then the floor is all yours. All you need to know is your intentions and the rest will fall into place. Also note. If a girl says No! Accept it. There is no point going after something if you're not going to get it. Move on to your second shortlisted girl. As long as you are yourself in mind and body, there is no stopping you and no external factor on this earth can tell you what to do and how to do it.