Build Backyard Chicken Coop On A Budget

By: Jason H Perry

A common problem that faces people wishing to construct chicken coops is the cost of purchasing materials and then hiring somebody to build backyard chicken coop. The cost however can be reduced greatly to fit your tight budget through a well thought out plan to build it yourself.

To build a chicken coop on a budget requires that you draw a clear plan of what kind of a coop you would like, based on the number of chicken you intent to keep. Then assess the most suitable site on your property to build your coop preferably at the backyard. Since you are likely to do this work during your free time, over the weekends or workdays off, the next step will be to get the procedure right.

Having a guide to follow will make your work easy, fun and take you a lot less time by offering you the design that meets your requirements as well as giving you all the steps to follow up to the very last nail on your chicken coop. Based on your preferred design, the first step towards that lovely chicken coop is for you to sit down and put a simple architectural layout of the final structure on paper clearly showing all the dimensions to guide you as you build your backyard chicken coop.

How then do you make it as cost effective as possible?

Wood is the most commonly used material to build backyard chicken coops around the world. In fact roughly 80% of materials used for many chicken coops is wood. For cost effectiveness, owing to the expensiveness of new lumber, it is necessary to focus on getting all the needed materials cheaply to reduce expenses and benefit from keeping chicken in your yard.

Second hand stores or construction sites are among the various places where you can get quality used lumber along side other useful materials like iron sheets, tiles and other roofing materials, ply wood, fencing poles, wires and hinges among other similar materials useful for construction of the coop.

Although these materials will most likely be used and with some shortcomings like nails on them, holes, cracks, paints, varying sizes or even some being out of shape, they are absolutely suitable for the task. All you need is to follow your guide and a lay out structure indicating the desired dimensions to trim these materials to size and shape.

It is advisable to construct a little bigger coop then planned owing to the anticipation that you will definitely
have numbers increasing after a few years of keeping chicken. This will help save money that could have been used to build another similar coop all over again as their numbers increase.

Okay, by now you can see the difference and the great opportunity cost. What are you waiting for then? It's time to find a good coop plan, gather all the materials needed, and begin to build backyard chicken coop on your own and within limits of your budget. Very simple!! Isn't it?