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Puzzles For Cures Releases Autism Ribbon Floor Puzzle

By: Terri Akman

Though I am a teacher first and foremost because I adore the kids, I admit that a wonderful extra benefit is getting to know the children's families. I was blessed to meet the Ambrose family when I taught two of their three children several years ago. Having one child with special needs, Susan Ambrose has worked tirelessly to help raise funds and awareness for other causes.

Her company, Puzzles For Cures, is pleased to announce that they have received written approval from the Autism Society of America (ASA) to use its patented ribbon, created with colorful puzzle pieces, to manufacture a puzzle of the well-recognized symbol. The puzzle has already been well received as an effective fundraising tool by groups including schools, therapy facilities and united groups of parents.

Today, 1 out of every 150 children (4 out of 5 boys) born in our country has been diagnosed with Autism, which is the fastest growing developmental disability. These puzzles have many benefits. Fundraising dollars are being used for therapies and professional seminars; children are enjoying this educational toy; and Autism awareness is being raised throughout many communities.

Susan fully understands that no disability comes invited and that acceptance is key. She has been faced with many choices and challenges with her own child, which resulted in a strong desire to do something positive to help meet such choices and challenges.

The idea for this product came about one day as she was stopped at a traffic light and noticed an Autism awareness ribbon magnet on the back of the car in front of her. Her Dad, a woodworker and woodcrafter for over 40 years, made the awareness ribbon into an actual puzzle, creating the first prototype.

Puzzles For Cures presented the puzzle to the Autism Society of America and received its approval. Though the puzzles were initially made of wood, the group struggled to keep up with a growing demand. They realized they needed to take it to the next level.

The idea of a floor puzzle evolved, and Melissa & Doug, a well-known manufacturer of high-quality puzzles and toys for children, signed on. The ribbon-shaped floor puzzle is comprised of 36 pieces of "Easy-Clean" surface, which keeps the surface looking like new. It measures 18" x 36". All Melissa & Doug products are carefully crafted using "non-toxic coatings and meet or exceed all U.S. toy testing standards."

If you are interested in learning more about how the Puzzles For Cures Autism Puzzle can be an effective fundraising tool for your group, while also broadening awareness and providing children with an enjoyable fine motor activity, please contact Susan Ambrose at 856-220-0404.

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