How To Use Role Play To Attract Women

"Have you ever seen a guy who just seems to "have it" with women? They always have the right thing to say and are incredible at building attraction through humour...Most of the conversation is usually spent in role-play. Once

you apply this skill, you too will bring your game to the next level"

Role-playing is a wonderful tool for creating incredible sexual tension with a woman. This one element could really transform your interactions and allow your playful side to emerge. The beauty of role playing is that you get to be anyone you want, and you create your own reality as inhibitions slowly diminish into nothingness. Your best bet is to start off with something simple such as giving her a nickname.

If you suggest it in the right way, she will be amused and buy into your frame with enthusiasm. Role playing can be so much fun and allows you to add a sexual element into your interaction. The fun part about this is that you can laugh and have a good time whilst doing it. You should introduce banter into every interaction and allow your playful side to come across.

The essence of banter is role-playing. In your interactions, you should establish a role for the two of you can then act out in a playful way. Role-playing allows you to connect with the other person in ways she may not have experienced before. You can start role-playing in the first few minutes of the interaction. It allows you to be physical and touch her. You can hold her hand, rub her shoulders, squeeze her leg-whatever you choose and make it part of the role-play...without mauling her, of course. By touching her while you role-play, you can easily make a connection with her and nothing is more important to a woman than a deep connection.

Role-playing is an art as well as a skill. It's easy to make someone feel comfortable or even attached to you by having them place you in their thought process and pretend to do things with you. This is a simple method to have

someone warm up to you and to easily get to know them. Role-playing works so much better than just using the odd witty line. If you say a funny line, then you are just a guy that made a joke. However, if you can start role-playing, you can have a much more fun and playful interaction. You can branch off into any

direction and really let your creativity flow as you build rapport.

Examples of Role-playing include:

Little Sister/Older Brother

  • You could call her a little brat and pretend that you are her older brother, who knows what's best for her...You can pretend to send her to her room when she is can also assume that all her friends have a crush on you and tell her how annoying it is to hear them giggling when you walk into the room etc.
Artist at Work

  • Create a role-play in which she is the artist and you are the art. Tell her that she has to capture your smile like the Mona Lisa painting...What background should I have? With or without clothes? Are you up to it?
Flirting Teacher

  • Set up the role that one of you is the dating doctor and your patient has come looking for flirting tips...Make up a scenario where you have to prepare them for a date and give them advice...Give them tips on body language and kissing

  • You've decided to play the student/teacher role-play with you being the teacher of course. This scenario is full of potential: power dynamics and an opportunity for sexual bribery. What happens when you are in charge of detention after school and there are other people there? Do you let them off early and keep her for a little longer?

It's all about making her feel good and creating an "our world reality". You can also change assumed roles, and the result is a funny and charming interaction. Adding details to the role-play will not only give you more ideas for the fantasy, but it can really help get you in character and make the role play come to life. I have used all the above role-plays when flirting with women. Without fail, the result is giant smiles and laughter.

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