How To Pick Up A Lady Guide

If you want to learn how to pick up a lady then reading this article will help you out. I'll show you 3 tips that will help you ask her out on a date. We'll learn how to pick out the proper location, how to open the conversation well, and closing (getting her on a date). If you apply the tips within this article, pickup should be a breeze.

1. Pick the proper location

When you want to pick up a lady, what you want to do is avoid bars, because it's noisy and the competition is too high -- 30 other guys are trying to pick up women too. So avoid bars and night clubs. You want to pick a classy lady, and not some drunk. What I recommend is yoga class, dancing class, bookstores, bookclub, or some place with a formal social setting. Now that you got the proper location...

2. The hooking conversation opener

A conversation opener is very important because you want to make the right impression. Always smile and give her a compliment. Maybe she did her hair nice, or she is wearing an interesting shoe. You don't want to compliment her eyes because it's over done. compliment opener helps because it shows the intend right away that you're interested in her, without sounding too creepy or try hard.

Have a laid back attitude, and don't try to push hard for a date. Get to know her, ask some questions, tell some interesting stories (without coming across as bragging) and make some jokes. By the way, bragging is the #1 killer when it comes to picking up a lady. Now that you got her talking...

3. Getting her on a date

Now that you feel her personality out, ask for contact information. Maybe it's a number, or her email, doesn't matter. Get some sort of contact information. If she likes you she would gladly accept it. If she doesn't click with you, just move on to another woman, or maybe she could introduce you to her friends. Be cool and never come across as a weirdo or a desperate guy because she will tell other women.