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Greyhound Handicapping - Are Dime Supers A Sucker Bet?

By: Eb Netr

Do you play dime superfectas? An awful lot of people do.

"Why not?" they figure. "They're only a dime a bet and sometimes they really pay off."

While that's true, there are a couple of other points to consider before you go up to bet them. One point is how quickly that dime bet can turn into a much more expensive bet. I'm talking about what happens when you bet dime super combinations.

It is so easy to get sucked into betting more and more combinations, because you want to "cover" more dogs. Well, sure that's a good idea, but it can get to a point where you're betting a lot more than you're likely to win. While I admit that some dime superfecta payoffs are big, most aren't much bigger than a quiniela.

A four dog box costs you $2.40. So, for ten races, you'd spend $24.00. While that might not seem like much, what if you did that on every program and only hit dime supers on every second or third program? And what if they were small? You'd lose your shirt.

Unless you're going to bet lightly on only some of the races, I think it's best to stick with win, quiniela and trifecta bets. That is unless you just really like the thrill of betting and prefer to bet very small amounts. Some people would rather do that than handicap and actually have a chance of hitting something big.

I would never discourage anyone from doing what they think is best at the track or anywhere else, but I question why they'd want to bet more than a little on such an iffy bet. To me, it makes more sense to box dogs in the quiniela or tri in a few races, rather than to play dime supers in all of them.

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