Primary Health Care System - A Need For Renewal

Health care systems are evolved to meet the needs of the population. These systems may vary from one country to the other. While some are planned well, some countries lag far behind in their services. Primary health care is essential care based on practical and socially acceptable methods which are accessible universally to the entire community gaining their full participation at an affordable cost. It was accepted by World Health Organization as the key to achieve the goal of health for all.

It is not the responsibility of a single person. It takes the efforts of institutions all over the world to make the world relieved of any burden from diseases. Today Worldwide health systems are affected by striking inequities in access to care and cost of service delivery. They are often disjointed, unfair, and ineffective than they should be. While rich countries are specialized excessively, poor ones are not able to cope up with increase in disease and the cost to maintain health. Preventive methods are often either neglected or not given much importance. Health care systems are clearly lacking a sense of direction. If the present scenario continues then managing the challenges posed by new emerging diseases will become more complex.

The inability of today's system to provide the needs of people has resulted in a demand for a renewal. It is a way to improve the efficiency of human health care. This model identifies the root causes for the diseases and tackles them with an approach that involves the whole society as such. It is this approach that leads to better health, lesser diseases, and hence an improvised health system. Quality services have a profound effect on the entire system. No other method has the potential that primary health care system has for sustaining our system.

Primary health care is done by a general medical doctor who are not specialized in any particular type of ailments. They represent a patient's first contact. Most of the common ailments can be cured by him. If after diagnosing a patient he feels he is treating a high risk patient then a specialist may be called in. Also these doctors are more economical for the patients. Patients develop a close relationship with these doctors which will help him in understanding the patient's problems better than any other physician.