Installing A Flagstone Walkway? Tips On Laying A Flagstone Walkway

By: Craig L Smith

A flagstone walkway will definitely enhance the look of your home. As a material, flagstones are very elegant. They provide a shimmer that is very pleasant to the eyes. They are very natural-looking and goes well with other materials as well as with plants and flowers. This kind of material though is not only attractive, they are tough and durable as well. Unlike other stones, flagstones don't get easily cracked. A flagstone path will last you for several years so it really becomes the more economical choice in the long run. It is indeed a worthy investment that will give you pride and joy for a long time.

Flagstones are also ideal as a material for walkways because of the fact that it is even enough so as not to cause stumbles and it is not slippery. People will find flagstone easy to walk on regardless of their age. Some materials can be quite a hazard to use because of their slippery nature especially when they get wet. You wouldn't want an accident to happen in your walkway right so why use these materials. Flagstones should be your first choice when planning to install a path or walkway.

Before installing your path, you should first consider the width that you want. Ideally, the path should be able to accommodate two people walking side by side. For this purpose, you will need a width of around four to five feet. If you want plants to grow in between stones then what you can do is leave enough space in between the pieces and plant a plant or flower in them. Having plants and flowers along the walkway will enhance the beauty of your path.

Having a flagstone walkway is definitely a good idea and it is one of the best things that you can add to the exterior of your home to enhance its beauty.