Best Flirting Tips For Guys - A Few Flirting Secrets To Get Girls

Many guys have problems talking to and attracting girls. It can be a nerve wracking experience even approaching a girl. But there is no reason to be scared; interacting with the opposite sex should be an exciting experience and one that is looked forward to. There are certain useful flirting tips for guys which can be put into practice to create a better chance of developing friendships and relationships with women.

One of the most useful methods is to use eye contact. It is essential when flirting to not take your eyes off her. Keep gazing deep into her eyes for as long as possible, obviously if she feels uncomfortable you should stop. There are many ways to look into a girl's eyes; if you pick the wrong method you may appear rather psychotic! Try to smile as if you have a secret as this will make her more curious about you.

Pay attention to what she says. It is very useful to display an interest in what she tells you. Try asking questions about her life but don't be too inquisitive. If you can find out about something you have in common then you will have an easy topic of conversation.

Casual body contact can also be used when flirting. When being introduced, offer your hand to shake and then hold on to it a little longer than usual. If she tries to let go then you must release her hand. The extra physical touch will add a closer more intimate energy between the two of you.

Most women will only go for guys that are confident. You need to feel good about yourself to be a successful flirt. It is important to be able to strike up a conversation with anyone. It helps if you have a good selection of opening lines that can be used in various situations.