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Add Into Life Positive Union With Yourself

By: Nicholas Finegan


Let's understand what it takes to connect yourself with your positive desired outcomes. Listen: When you stop to look around you... you can notice that 'some' individuals trap themselves into experiencing negative emotions. They thrive on doing negative things, they downgrade themselves when they feel low, they also feel proud about hurting others...This tends to bind people into connecting with negative experiences.

So to create a positive bind you must start connecting with positive outcomes...

To connect with what's good, you must start to thrive on what's good and be proud of what you achieve. Humans bind themselves with positive (and or negative) outcomes by fusing them with an intention. For example: If you thrive (which is an intention) about your daily success (which is an outcome) you will get the outcome because the intention will fuel it to come true.

This also happens on the negative side too...If you downgrade yourself (which is an intention) about poverty (which is an outcome) you will tend to create more of it.

Intentions guide your outcomes.

So the key is to first become aware of the negative outcome you are accidentally fuelling and to stop it...Then to create a list of positive intentions and stick it to the positive outcomes you desire to connect with in your life. This will hep you to achieve with more capability and assured stability. Your connection will grow stronger toward what you want to create.

Do this following exercise...


1. Think of some positive outcomes that you would like to experience
2. Imagine for a moment, what it's like to create them in a super enhancing way...
3. Think of some intentions you can use to connect with them in this way...

Exercise 2:

1. Think of some positive outcomes that you want to manifest
2. What intentions can you use to magnify the justification of achieving your desired outcome

You should practice this exercise at least twice a day to re-affirm your connections until it becomes true for you. Rehearsal is what causes habits, whether in mind or body, if you feel bad all the time it's because you are rehearsing it in your mind... so take a step back and start to rehearse what works, so you can make better connections to what you want to manifest.

Use these exercises to enhance and connect with your most positive desired outcomes - so you can get greater familiarity with a positive future and a more happier life-style. This exercise will resolve negative binds, to change negative outcomes into positive reformed outcomes that use good intentions.

I'll see you soon...

Live with Passion and Success,

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