Randy Macho Man Savage - Not Much More Colorful

Randy Macho Man Savage will go down in history as being one of the WWEs elite when it comes to wrestlers. The man came from a baseball career to becoming a wrestler that's name became household for anyone watching the sport of wrestling.

If you can associate one other person with this legend it would be Miss Elizabeth. Except for a brief period in his career Miss Elizabeth was by his side even when he didn't treat her so much as a lady but rather as a stumbling block for other wrestlers to get through to get at him.

Randy Macho Man Savage came to the WWE for the first time in 1985. it was at this point where it quickly became evident that the colorful man really was going to be a force to be reckoned with.

The man never took a break. He was bound and determined to make it to the top and he didn't care how he did it. You see Macho Man really had no problems cheating if it got him what he wanted. As long as the end result was in his favor the means to get him there didn't matter.

Controversy came as no stranger to Randy Macho Man Savage as he worked his way through the WWE competition. Because of this he developed a lot of enemies that made him very grateful when the great Hulk Hogan came to his side to be his protector.

Protector is not the right word but rather Hulk Hogan was around to watch Macho Mans back while he ploughed through the competition to become number one in the industry.

Eventually Hulk and Macho Man joined forces to make one of the most unstoppable forces in the industry. At times people all over the world wondered if the team would ever lose.

Eventually they lost because of a miss communication that seen the both men attacking each other. This brutal attack lead to one of the most anticipated title matches in WWE history.

After a hard fought match that seen the edge change several times Hulk Hogan finally defeated Randy Macho man Savage to win the match and win the title.

In 1995 Randy finally walked away from WWE to join forces with the WCW where he held the heavy weight title 4 times in the 4 years he was there. In 1999 Macho man left wrestling forever.

He did make an attempt at a few other things after wrestling like being a part of a few movies and releasing a rap album.

It really doesn't matter what the man did, nothing will ever compare to what he brought to the world of wrestling. The man that was supposed to be a baseball player turned out to be one of the mostly recognized wrestlers ever.

Randy Macho Man Savage will be a wrestler always remembered as one of the best to ever grace his presence in the WWE.