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Give It A Try - Trapped Finding A Way Of Escape

By: Frankie Cooper

How do you learn something new? What do you do to add to your current knowledge? The only way to do this is to try. Going a step further would be to figure out the solution to the problem when you try something, can't figure it out or it gets to hard, and quit to move on to something else. This pattern is repeated so many times that it's a shame that so many people have fallen into the trap. How do you find a way to escape once you're captured in the trap?

Try-- If you never get the courage up to at least attempt to do something then you are trapped doing nothing. Most people are trapped in a very bad habit of never completing what they start. It stays undone for years until someone else completes it and this may not happen. Take the first step and attempt to do something new or different.

Try harder-- When things does not go as planned and you mess up then try it again. This is one of the most difficult challenges to overcome is fear. It's okay to mess up because most of the time you want get it right the first, second or third time. Take the time to find out what you did wrong the previous time and try something different the next time until you figure it out.

Keep trying-- The key is to keep trying new innovative ways to do things until you know how to do them. Do you understand to continue repeating the same problem but adding new twist and changes to it until you figure it out? It is a process that takes time and energy that you have to see it through to find success.

You want to end up with the knowledge to be able to repeat the same process with each tasks, problem, goal, or new venture that you decide to take on. If you try to do things with no procedures to follow then you will be fighting a battle each time you get involved with something new. Get you a system to follow and build on it each time you learn something. This will make the difference between failure and success.

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