Attracting Women And Overcoming Shyness

A lot of men think that they fail in attracting women because women pre-judge them, often cruelly and brutally, making their chances of a successful meeting very, very slim. But in truth, a lot of men fail because of the way they view themselves.

Yes, women will judge you based on your appearance and how you present yourself. But often, how you appear to women and how you present yourself in public simply mirrors your own perception of yourself. And so before women can judge you, you have judged yourself first.

So, the question really is, are you giving yourself the best chances of attracting women with the way that you are judging yourself? Here are just 3 of the many ways you could be unwittingly sabotaging your chances at making the best impression on the women you want to meet:

1. You think you are not attractive enough

We all know that looks are important when it comes to attracting women. But what's more important is how you present yourself. You can be really handsome, but if you think of yourself as average looking, then that's how women will perceive you - average. Imagine the opposite. If you are average looking, but you perceive yourself as handsome, distinguished and attractive to women, then women are likely to find you more attractive than your objective attractiveness level.

What does this mean? It means you should do what it takes to make yourself think of yourself as sexy and attractive. You do this by making sure your hair is styled in the current trends, you wear nice clothes that fit right and follows the current styles. Make sure your shoes are shined and clean, your nails trimmed, and that you smell fresh. If you are confident in how your present yourself, it will show in the way you carry yourself.

2. You think you are not rich enough

If you think you are not rich enough to meet attractive women, it's likely that you'll stay away from them and settle for "average" and even "below average" women. It's also likely that you'll resent the "above average" women for looking down on you. If you think this way, then you are crippling your own path to success with gorgeous women - and that's because there's nothing further than the truth.

Women do not care how much money you have in your bank account, unless you give them a reason to. Why do you think women find up-and-coming artists hot? Of course, it helps that they are "up-and-coming" artists and not "broke" artists. Notice the difference? Both of them could be penniless at the moment, but the first group gets the girls because of how they perceive themselves.

Like anything else, if you don't see your current lack of resources as an obstacle, it won't be. After all, wealth is temporary, whereas your character - who you are as a person - is permanent.

3. You think gorgeous women are out of your league

A sure way to fail at meeting gorgeous women is to think that gorgeous women are out of your league! Trust me, if you think this way, no technique or strategy will work.

At first, it could be difficult to get rid of this way of thinking. Men have been conditioned to think that they are not the kind of man that naturally gets the attention of amazingly hot women. But why not? Why should gorgeous women not fall for you?

Every man has the potential to be the kind of man that attracts cover girls. It's just that not everybody knows how to do this. With you reading this article, you are obviously at an advantage compared to other men. And unless you accept this fundamental truth about your own potential, you are doomed to your current lot.