How To Make Wrestling More Decent

Wrestling is one of the sports that provide entertainment for the viewers or fans. It is supposed to make people ease off tension and relax after a hectic day's job or when they are stressed by other concerns. Wrestling is supposed to be enjoyed like Golf, athletics, football, hockey, etc and also governed by rules as seen in other sports. But the kind of violence we see in the sport today makes me feel uneasy and I think every viewer of this sport or at least 80% of them are not too happy with the level of violence that has crept into the game in recent time. This violence and lawlessness is visible on the three wrestling platforms - Smackdown, RAW and ECW.

A sport that is viewed world wide with a lot of models and super models is supposed to be moderated in such a way as to not be seen by our children as preaching violent acts or indirectly supporting it. If you have watched some wrestling contests in recent time you would understand what I mean. The other time I watched the fight between Chris Jericho and Shaun Michael my heart bled when I saw Shaun Michael bathed in the pool of his blood with a gash on his foremen, Chris Jericho kept hitting hard on the wound till he was beaten to submission. Last time, it was Big Show who threw John Cena into a 7000 watt halogen lamp.

Besides, what I saw in the fight between Chris Jericho and JBL was pathetic and terrifying. In that fight, JBL succeeded to tie a thick electric cable around Chris Jericho's throat and dragged him till he almost hung him on a mast but for the timely intervention of the security men who over powered him. Needless to talk about Randy Orton who has become a source of nightmare to his fellow wrestlers; he has become so arrogant and disrespectful to his elders: he has even built a dynasty of bullies with which he terrorizes anybody who comes his way. Several times I have seen the use of broken bottles and glasses, cudgels, clubs, nails hammers, chairs, metal knuckles, rods, etc on opponents without considering the damaging effect this would have on them. Several of these wrestlers have been in and out of hospital because of the horrifying and brutal beatings they received from their opponents - Ray Mysterio, Raw Van Dann, Mark Henry, Batista, Bobby, Shaun Michael, the list is endless.
What should be done?

I think the following should be done to help restore some level of sanity back into the game:

1. Restrict the use of weaponry in and outside the ring. There should be punishment for anyone who uses weapons on another person.
2. Fight between two persons should strictly be fought by only the two of them; no external assist.
3. Wrestlers should be restrained from using abusive or foul languages
4. There should be fines against a wrestler who attacks his fellow in the dressing room or during joint press conference.
5. Suspension or banning of anyone who jumps into the ring to disrupt a fight or help one against his opponent.
6. Fine against anybody who intentionally knocks down an umpire in order to win by tricks.

I feel that when these few recommendations are enforced there would be decency in wrestling again and our children would no longer learn extreme violence from there.