Looking At Chicken Coops For Sale - Should I Buy One Or Build My Own?

By: Janet Patrick

So now that you have decided to start your own urban farm a buy a few chickens for both fresh eggs and maybe a fresh chicken from time to time you have to give them a place to live. Like all farm animals chickens need a place to sleep at night and to get out of the weather. Most likely the first thing you do is to start looking at chicken coops for sale, at this point you are going to have to decide whether it is better to buy a new one or build your own.

There are advantages to both sides of the picture and depending on your skills the choice may be difficult to make. If you are interested in new chicken coops for sale you should shop around to see what is available in several different stores and compare features and prices. You might also want to look around and see if anyone in your local area builds them to order.

The biggest advantage to buying a new chicken coop is that it will be delivered to your home and place on site by the company you have purchased it from. Once it is in place all you will need to do is finish attaching it to your chicken yard or run and add your chickens. Most new chicken coops for sale come complete with built in nesting boxes, feed and water trays. They also come with a warranty against defects in case something happens, this way if your coop breaks someone will come out and repair it for you.

On the other hand if you do not like what you see in the chicken coops for sale in your area you can build your own and have exactly what you want in your chicken coop. One good reason to build your own is that you can save a lot of money; however you must have at least basic woodworking skills and be able to follow a set of plans in order to do it yourself. If you decide to go this route then keep in mind that you need to make your coop large enough to accommodate the number of chickens you plan to keep and make it weather proof.

You can build your own coop from wood and shingles for cheaper that most chicken coops for sale and in most cases end up with a much better product as long as you are handy with a few basic hand tools and a paint brush. In the end the choice is yours to make, if you do not want to hassle with building one you can buy a ready to go hen house. For those who like to work with their hands and save a little money you can build one for yourself quite easily.