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The Beauty & Benefits Of Using Natural Flagstone

By: Craig L Smith

The uses of flagstone are so varied and mind boggling that there ought to be a song composed about it. Flagstone is little by little becoming as popular as sliced bread, as they say. Its application runs along the whole perimeter of your homestead, whether you realize it or not. From the very front entrance of your home, to the back gate and separation of your home from that of your neighbor, flagstone is king.

Allow me to take you on a virtual tour to see the versatility and almost limitless applications of flagstone in your home and garden. Picture it! Your friends arrive at the front entrance to your home and are met by a charming, elegant yet rustic gate whose columns have been encased in flagstone. The wall which runs from these gates and along the border of your yard is composed of nothing but flagstone, finally running around and into the entrance to your home. On alighting from their vehicle, your guests will enjoy stepping onto the flagstone pavers of your walkway and paths which lead right up to your front door. Before getting there, however, their eyes are drawn to the rustic flagstone trellis which has been constructed of wood and flagstone, giving it a personal flavor and individual charm, and where you have hung your collection of beautiful orchids for everyone to enjoy.

To complement the rustic look of your front yard area, and to continue the flagstone look, one will see the two stone benches on either side of the stone garden beds where your guests will be able to sit and enjoy the rest of your garden at their leisure. On the way up your garden path of flagstone leading towards the front door, they will stop to admire your two outdoor flagstone window seats, set smack under your two glass picture windows which you purposely designed this way so as to not to block the view of your beautiful stone entrance which adds so much curb appeal and enjoyment to passing curious eyes.

Once inside your front door, your guests are immediately welcomed by a flaming fire inside your indoor fireplace which is encase with flagstone, running all the way to the very top of your high ceilings and running alongside the walls like a skirting never before seen. With the temperature outside a frigid 30 degrees Fahrenheit, the warmth which exudes from the charm of the stone look almost equals that of the warmth flowing from the fireplace itself. Walk with me past the fireplace, through the foyer area and continue along towards the rear of the house and you will be met by an attractive fire pit adorned with flagstone and surrounded by deep, circular flagstone benches with high stone backs to protect you from the strong winds off the mountains. Sit and look out towards the direction of the rear of the house and enjoy the gradient steps of flagstone which will take you steadily and firmly down to the back lawn where flagstone pavers encompass and outline the lily pond.

If you have a little more time and even if the sun has gone down, still linger a bit longer outside because the lit torches are set firmly in the flagstone square bases dotted all over and around the garden. We will leave you to enjoy the rest of your tour on your own. Enjoy!

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