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Lentil Soup Recipe

By: Amit Verma

Lentil soup is a popular choice with people these days. The internet can offer you a number of soup recipes that can help you to make a really wonderful soup.

However, here is a look at the absolutely best lentil soup recipe:

The lentil soup recipe requires a lot of ingredients. Here is a look at those ingredients:

2 Tablespoons of olive oil.

3 chopped onions.

3 grated carrots.

6 chopped garlic cloves,

¾ tablespoons of crumbled Marjoram

¾ tablespoons of thyme leaves.

You will need a ¾ tablespoon of thyme leaves and a 1.28 oz can of diced tomatoes complete with their juice.

One and a half cup of lentils.

A bunch of greens.

Half a table spoon of salt.

Half a tablespoon of pepper

Some grated cheddar cheese for garnishing.

The soup recipe requires you to chop the onions, garlic and the carrots. You can opt to chop them by hand or use a food processor. You then have to sauté all these things above the line for a period of 3 to 5 minutes while the bouillon simply dissolves itself in the water.

You then have to add tomatoes, potatoes, lentils and water into the sauté mixture. You have to then simmer it for an approximate period of 1 hour.

You then have to make sure that you add the green almost 10 min before you finish with the cooking and add some salt and pepper in the last 5 minutes.

Once you are done with the cooking, let it sit idle for a minute or two and then it is ready to be served. All you have to do is pour it and serve.

You may choose to garnish the soup with some grated cheddar cheese if you want to.

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