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Where Are Marble And Granite Being Commonly Used These Days?

By: R Govindan

The world is witnessing the revolution in the use of marble and granite in various construction works. The use of marble granite has become so popular over a period of time that now it is impossible to imagine any house, building, commercial / residential complex without it. People are now getting used to it as it provides them with the ultimate satisfaction.

The reason why marble and granite is so popular in the constructions and renovations works is because of the incredible looks it provides.

The other reasons why it is extensively used in the construction works these days is because of its tough and sturdy characteristics and durability. The cost of marble may be little higher but it serves well since it is the investment of a lifetime.

You just have to invest once on this product and be rest assured that you don't need to reinvest on it. The main place where the marble is used is the kitchen. In every household it's the kitchen which is the primary d├ęcor interest and therefore granite countertops have dominated this place.

What is the role of granite in Kitchen remodeling?

Of late, granite has become an important ingredient of every kitchen. Kitchen remodeling is almost incomplete without the use of granite as it provides that perfect and elegant look.

Kitchen is a place where you want a tough surface and therefore granite is ideal for this place.

However there is one main reason why granite is being used in kitchen in many places.

Marble and granite are the natural stones formed due to the high temperature below the crust of the earth. Since kitchen is a warmest place in the house, the marble granite is mainly used for withstanding the hot temperature in the room.

The normal black stone might break or crack over a period of time but it is not the case with marbles and granites.

Which are the other places where granite is used?

Marble and granite countertops are being used in spaces like fireplaces, kitchens and pubs. The extensive is use of these countertops has made them more affordable to common man.

Apart from this, the granite is widely used in kitchen as pastry slabs. The use of granite and marble provides that classic look which is not found in others.

Granite and marble slabs are also on demand for various construction purposes as they give the luxury look. Granite is less slippery material and is perhaps one of the main reasons for increased use in the bathrooms.

The one place you would also see extensive use of this material is in kitchen countertops, islands and worktops.

How to select the real granite?

Well with so many varieties of granite available in the market, it is hard to identify between the real ones and the fakes.

Since there is no industry standard to define the quality of the granite, it is quite a challenge to choose the right one. However the quality of the granite can be known by its hardness and price. The higher levels of granite are available in the market these days with higher price.

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