Signs That He Is Attracted To You - 4 Things He Does

More often than not, our actions will reflect what we feel. If you want to know the signs that he is attracted to you, the very first thing that you need to do is practice the ability to observe. Most men do not really vocalize what they feel but they will not be afraid to show it.

Here, I will show you some signs that he is attracted to you in ways that most women do not really comprehend.

1 - He asks you out for a date in a manner that you will interpret as a joke. In reality, men do not want the feeling of rejection therefore they will do something to alleviate the risk such as making jokes about certain dates. But, more often than not, women just take literally and do not really believe men when they do this.

2 - He will improve his looks especially when you are around him. He becomes self-conscious not because he wants you to notice his appearance only but because he knows that attraction at first site is really a powerful phenomenon.

3 - You notice some changes in his behavior that was not there before. This is especially true for men that you have already known for quite some time. The only problem with this is the fear of crossing the line or losing the friendship.

4 - You notice that he is always around wherever you are. He goes to your favorite bar hoping that you are there. This is mostly what comes into his mind and he does this because he wants to extend the time that you are together.

Now, that I have already listed some signs that he is attracted to you, I would assume that you already have some idea about what he feels about you.