Benchtop Research Autoclaves

Benchtop research autoclaves are used for steam sterilization of research tools and devices, to provide the highest standards in infection control. They offer rapid and complete sterilization. Autoclaves make use of the high heat and pressure of steam to kill almost any bacterium. They are available in many versions. Bioclave 16 Benchtop Research Autoclave 120 V and Bioclave 16 Benchtop Research Autoclave 230 V are two of them. Benchtop autoclaves find great application in medical and research laboratories, industries, pharmaceuticals, and so on.

Portable and Easy to Use Autoclaves

Versatility and ease of use is an important aspect of modern benchtop autoclaves. Modern digital autoclaves are very compact, so they easily fit in small spaces. They offer fully automatic operation with just the pressing of the start button. You can find the following features in an advanced benchtop autoclave:

o Large stainless sterilization chamber to accommodate a number of instruments, glassware, plastic ware, and other laboratory equipment.
o A convenient tray removal tool.
o All parts of the sterilization cycle (fill, exhaust, sterilize, and dry) are begun, and move to completion just by hitting the start button.
o Large digital display.
o Program settings can be user-modified.

Certain versions are equipped with three preset standard cycle options to perform sterilization of liquids, plasticware/unwrapped instruments, or wrapped instruments. Another option is "Dry only" to make possible additional drying time that is added at the close of a cycle.

Safety Measures: In order to ensure the safety of the operator, mechanical and electrical safety interlocks are provided. These interlocks prevent the door from opening till the pressure reaches zero PSI.

Brand Products from Top Dealers

Autoclaves are very essential sterilizing equipment in many applications as they guarantee a more efficient means of sterilization. Benchtop research autoclaves are available in different dimensions at a variety of price ranges. So it's better to consult a good dealer in the industry who can give you a modern and cost-effective product.