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Summertime Pool Games For Kids!

By: Jason Taloner

Most people if not all love to spend their free time with their loved ones. Many activities are being enjoyed by each of us but what else is the most common of them all? It's definitely swimming which can be done in a beach or in a swimming pool, whatever is convenient for all. Families prefer to go in swimming pool for safety reasons and there are a lot of recreations they can get pleasure from it. Several pool games are attainable for everyone but a few can cause chaos and danger sometimes. Ages of swimmers vary that's why some pool games were prepared wherein everyone can join and will remain on the same track. Aside from they are entertaining; the peril of being hurt is less.

Basketball is one of the safer games ever played in the swimming pool. You just have to purchase a ball that floats in the water, a basketball hoop preferably something that assembles by the pool's edge. A shoot or dunk competition can be done or have fun playing the real basketball game. Anyone can join and enjoy such activity may you be a man, woman, or a child. Pool volleyball is also pleasurable especially played with family or relatives. Have a net and a volleyball ball then divide your group into two teams equally. Do the game similar to usual volleyball game. One team will first serve the ball over the net to the rival team. The rival team must hit the ball back to the other team above the net or else the other team scores. Baseball is another ball game possible to play in the pool while having the pleasure of swimming in the cool water. Utilize a bat and a ball made of foam and play the game like the actual one. Allocate specific areas of the pool to be your bases. The pitcher will throw the ball from his selected position to the batter and when the batter hits a strike, he can go to each base as long as he is not fouled out. The batter scores as he return to the home base.

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