Why Do The Jerks Get Women, While Good Guys Like Me Are Left Hanging?

A lot of guys are out there asking this rather simple but valid question. Do you really want to know the truth, the whole truth? I'm about to give it to you.

The reason that women are going for jerks is because they're basically settling for the "lesser evil". Before I go all philosophical on you and explain it, let me give you an analogy.

Who would you rather go for:

A) A super-hot and perfect stripper that's a completely selfish mess but wants to have sex with you day and night

B) A really kind and compassionate woman that happens to be morbidly obese and has a beard, and oh btw, she's frigid

Why am I giving you this analogy? Because that's what most "good guys" are like to women. Most good guys are in fact the equivalent of the frigid, morbidly obese woman. And most jerks are the equivalent of the first woman, a selfish, but hot stripper.

You'd pick someone who looks exactly like the strippers, but is also a PhD, and super compassionate and nice right? But that is option C, and you rarely have that option. Its kind of like that for women too, who "think" they don't have another option.

Here's the good news. Women just think there is no third option. Women just perceive good guys as the unattractive, unsexy, frigid guy. That means that good guys can literally do just a few tweaks and become the ideal guy! They can become the super nice, compassionate but also sexy and hot guy!

All that requires is taking the traits that make the jerk hot, without taking the bad traits, and this we do by studying what makes jerks attractive.